Better World Club, Inc.

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Portland,Oregon,United States - 97209
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9 Employees
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"The future of American business lies in triple bottom line, socially responsible business. In 2002, Better World Club set out to offer responsible consumers a space where they could get the most responsible products and services, starting with the nation’s only Green Auto Club.

Better World Auto supports a cleaner environment and alternative modes of transportation. They provide their customers with high quality, good value and environmentally sensitive products and services: Emergency Roadside Assistance Travel Products and Services Insurance Products and Services.

Better World Club and B Lab share a key mission: The marketplace is powerful--and won't serve labor and the environment optimally--unless consumers demand it. The B Corp ""Seal of Approval"" provides consumers with critical information they need to make the best possible buying decisions."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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