Beauty Kitchen UK Ltd

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Wishaw,Scotland,United Kingdom - ML2 0EF
Personal Care Products
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49 Employees
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"Beauty Kitchen, a ""Best for the World"" B Corp, are on a mission to create the most effective, natural and sustainable beauty products in the world with B Corp and Cradle to Cradle principles in mind. In the UK over 95% of beauty packaging is thrown away after just one use, and Beauty Kitchen are setting out to change this with their ground-breaking reusable packaging programme Re.

Beauty Kitchen's initiatives include:
- No synthetic ingredients
- No microplastics (as certified by Plastic Soup Foundation)
- No animal testing (Leaping Bunny approved)
- Only using sustainably-sourced ingredients
- ‘Beauty that Gives Back’ – for every sale, Beauty Kitchen donates 2% of sales revenue (not profit) to sustainable charity partners (e.g. Plastic Soup Foundation, The Seahorse Trust, In Kind Direct)
- Home-grown focus: products are made in the UK, travel less and have a reduced carbon footprint, and help build a sustainable ecosystem by creating jobs in local communities
- A pioneering reusable packaging programme, Re, that enables customers to return any packaging
- All product packaging is 100% reusable (part of the circular economy)"
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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