BBD Perfect Storm (London) Ltd

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London,London Borough of Islington,United Kingdom-EC1Y 1HQ
Advertising & Market Research
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49 Employees
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Founded 10 years ago, BBD Perfect Storm is the Brand and Cultural Transformation Company. They build and grow world-class brands from which the world benefits. Through their Brand and Cultural Transformation Framework, they work passionately with their clients to develop inward and outward-facing communications, platforms, and activations that transform a brand and organisation's standing in their market. BBD Perfect Storm combines rigorous logic and strategy with insightful creativity to achieve transformational results. In addition to their main branding expertise, they also have three specialist divisions: their New Macho division supports brands to challenge male stereotypes and create healthy depictions of masculinity in the media. The goal of the Health division is to ensure healthcare brands place people back at the centre of their communications. Finally, BBD Perfect Storm Influence position purpose at the forefront of how brands and influencers partner to engage with consumers. With a guiding principle that doing good is good for business, BBD Perfect Storm shape culture rather than merely reflecting it. This is shown through the brands they partner with and the work they create - always seeking to tackle difficult issues, and make a positive impact on the world.
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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