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"Businesses often struggle at an early-stage to hire capable and diverse early-stage tech talent. Whether sourcing candidates or ensuing they can flourish without an experienced onboarding strategy, it can be tough. Moreover, this lack of talent and diversity can hamper growth and the ideation needed to grow.

Academy empowers the raw talent of today to become leaders in technology, through an intensive training program in software engineering and tech leadership led by industry experts, as well as continuing mentorship throughout their first two years of placement which allows them to hit the ground running and excel at dynamic partner companies (which include the likes of Beryl, Beamery, Capital on Tap and more).

Academy's candidates are ambitious, highly skilled and diverse -- 50% of their candidates are women, and 60% belong to a minority ethnicity. All are high potential individuals, with strict entry requirements and an acceptance rate of around 1%.

As always, you can find out more or book in a consultation for your business at"
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What are we doing:
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