3Sisters Sustainable Management, Inc

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Hillsborough,North Carolina,United States - 27278
Investment Advising
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9 Employees
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"3Sisters Sustainable Management, Inc (3SSM) is a B Corp certified Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) whose mission is to provide a full spectrum of positive impact investment strategies to private wealth advisors, consultants and sophisticated decision makers, with impact investments that offer market equivalent economic returns.

- is active in the real-world application of Environmental, Socially Responsible and Governance (SRI/ESG) Policy,
- deploys smart investment capital in commercial business opportunities, through financial instruments,
- aims for market rate returns, commensurate with investors risk profiles & liquidity needs, while
- making a material difference toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Scarab Funds, LLC is a custodial investment vehicle managed by 3SSM. It's mission and investment philosophy is to facilitate the creation of a “future fit” society by providing a suite of relevant and appropriate financial instruments that:
- Enable investors to be part of the “change” and at the same time generate market returns
- Provide sustainable capital for the delivery of “positive pursuit” ESG commercial projects."
What are we doing:
What are we doing:
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