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Auditel is a 28 year old Supply & Cost consultancy that also offers Carbon reporting and reduction services for businesses that are incorporating decarbonisation within their Sustainability Strategy. There are different paths that all lead to Net Zero, which may at first seem bewildering. The Greenhouse Gas Protocols provide one framework, alternatively there the Science Based Targets. The question is, which route is the best fit for your organisation?
Verifiable Reporting , Support and Delivery of Scope 3, Reduction Services
What is not measured cannot be managed. Auditel services will enable you to confidently report Verifiable Carbon Footprints. We will focus upon identifying and harmonising your Carbon Data Pool, which will provide the basis for actionable decisions for your progress toward Net Zero within the context of your business plan and your wider ESG commitments within your Sustainability Strategy.
Discovery Workshop
On site workshop for business leaders and sustainability team on Carbon.
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Carbon Discovery Workshop
Workshop Objective Auditel Discovery Workshop will provide your organisation with the knowledge to make to make the right Carbon strategy decision, confident that the path you choose, is the best for your business. You will learn the importance of Verifiable Standards and that by incorporating these standards into the Carbon reports you produce they will be rigorous and clear and above accusations of greenwashing. What business problem is being thrown up by decarbonisation that affects you? Is it Customer pressure and the need to fulfil tendering thresholds? Is it energy and manufacturing processes? Is it logistics and distant supply chains? Is it product end-of-life cycle and the circular economy? Whatever your entry point, it starts with measuring your baseline Carbon Footprint,; what is not measured cannot be managed. The course contents The seven greenhouse gas emissions The Scope and Boundary of reporting categories Preliminary Data Map, Methodology, Harmonising the Carbon Data Pool, Reporting and Sources Outline Value Chain Mapping , Carbon hotspots, the difference between spend, cost and product analysis Operational Activity and identifying who owns the data Environmental & Sustainability Policy Declarations Carbon Footprint Reporting Carbon Reduction Strategy Who should attend? This programme is designed for your company’s Sustainability team and is designed to include participants from Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Business Development, Procurement and the board member responsible for sponsoring your Company’s decarbonisation plans. What’s the outcome? It will ensure that leadership share knowledge of the issues and priorities necessary to deliver a Verifiable Carbon Strategy for your organisation, confident that the Standard you adopt will be widely accept and recognise the demands of stakeholders, yet is the right fit for your future plans and the goal of Net Zero. In summary you will be able to incorporate a Carbon Strategy that will deliver sustainable development for your business. Terms The course will run for 5 hours with breaks.
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