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A supply chain often consists of thousands of smaller and mid-size companies that are rarely listed on capital markets. Consequently, almost no ESG information is publicly available. This means that ESG data must be collected and assessed by the procurement teams.

Normally, evaluation is done by means of self-assessment. This is based on a questionnaire. In addition, the companies are partially audited on site. This procedure is time-consuming and physical inspection is also expensive.

allESG offers a fast, up-to-date, objective and affordable evaluation of many companies. With this, we do not replace the survey or the inspection, but we can perform the basic evaluation and the ongoing control.
ESG-Reputation Report
Controlling what media say about the company’s reputation on ESG topics, covering criticism and achievements.

Duration - 5 Days

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Media ESG-Reputation Report
Risk Exposure
Includes media and geospatial data to identify ESG risks and detect disruptions and potential reputational damage in your supply chain at an early stage.

Duration - 5 Days

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Supply-Chain Risk Exposure
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